The Gimoka Brand


Espresso coffee is one of the most important symbols of Italian culture; this is why Gimoka strives through its coffee to pass on, also at an international level, all the Italian traditions and authenticity.

Gimoka coffee, with its product lines, is a pleasure that can be savored anywhere, anytime: reaching consumers’ homes thanks to supermarkets, speciality shops selling paper pods and capsules, and even online.
Supplied by the best vending machines in both offices and public places. The substantial direct presence of Gimoka within various market segments is in fact the fruit of our experience and knowledgeable understanding of diverse tastes of many consumers and numerous coffee professionals around the world.


Attention to quality in the preparation of the blends, produces a coffee with a unique and unmistakable taste, able to conquer every palate.

Gimoka’s blends are subjected to strict quality controls right from the green bean selection; guaranteed by a team of professionals truly passionate about their work, monitoring every stage of production to ensure the perfect roasting curve. Roasting is carried out in Valtellina, in a still uncontaminated environment, importing directly the coffee beans from plantations in South America, Africa and the Far East.


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Coffe Instinct

At Gimoka, instinct fuels the passion for coffee and drives all of us to reach even higher quality standards, develop cutting edge solutions to match new market trends and ensure consumers an unmistakable multi-sensorial experience. A vast range of products, combining all of Gimoka’s expertise, designed and tailored to please everyone’s individual needs and taste sensation to always ensure the best results.

Our instinct for coffee
is so intense,
and stimulating
in fact you can
taste it
when savoring
a cup of

Gimoka’s passion for coffee is certified

Gimoka pays a lot of attention to sustainability and food security.
Gimoka’s quality system is reflected in its certifications and implementation of voluntary national and international standards, in terms of management and products.
For these reasons, Gimoka has obtained the following certifications:

  • Supply chain BRC certification for food farming safety.

  • The IFS food safety assessment standards ensures product safety fulfilling both contractual specifications and legal requirements.

  • 4C Association, UTZ and Fairtrade certify Gimoka’s sustainability of growing coffee and the fairness of its procurement phases.


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For Gimoka, being certified is very important and it plays a vital role in maintaining vital trust with consumers and partners. Through them, Gimoka is able to convey its transparency and provide additional assurances on the production carried out with respect to people and the environment.